Chiesi’s library team wanted to create a system to ensure that copyright compliance became second nature for the global pharmaceutical company with more than 6500 employees. To do this, a cross-functional team crafted department-specific education sessions. The results speak for themselves.

The Chiesi library serves the research and development group but has evolved over time to satisfy the information needs of most other departments. Known for their work in developing therapies for life-threatening diseases, Chiesi is a global pharmaceutical company with more than 6500 employees across 30 affiliates worldwide. Cinzia Bussolati, senior librarian, global library head, has been part of the information management team for over 20 years. From paper to digital, she has seen the evolution of corporate libraries during her tenure.

The library team noticed knowledge gaps across the organization when it came to copyright. A cross-functional team started to meet with departments from R&D to marketing to understand how they used copyrighted content. From there, the team tailored copyright education sessions that emphasized what each department needed to do their jobs in a more compliant way.

Today, Chiesi users know that by using RightFind they now have a one-stop-shop to access subscriptions, retrieve licensed or purchased content, or check rights efficiently, in one seamless workflow. Users can take full advantage of the subscribed journals, books, and other content that have been made available to them whether they are in the office, on the road, or at home.

The Multinational Copyright License improved the return on investment of the global library.

Cinzia Bussolati Senior Librarian, Global Library Head, Chiesi

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