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Annual and Pay-Per-Use Permissions

Generate new revenues and reach new markets with annual licenses and transactional services

How it works


  • Provide your rights to 20+ million business and government employees from 35,000+ organizations around the world, plus librarians, faculty and staff at 1000s of colleges and universities
  • Respond directly to permissions requests from those seeking to republish your content in their materials
  • Link to CCC-powered licensing services on your website


  • Earn new royalties, create efficiencies, and protect your content and rights
  • Choose which licensing and content delivery services make sense for your organization
  • Receive royalty payments from CCC electronically

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CCC Marketplace

Join the thousands of publishers who offer pay-per-use licensing on CCC Marketplace. Licensees rely on Marketplace as a one-stop-shop to find and request permissions. For publishers, Marketplace offers flexibility and control, letting you choose which titles to license, choose types of use, and set your own pricing and terms.

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Licensing resources

RightsLink for Permissions

To manage permissions requests on your own website, look no farther than RightsLink for Permissions. Publishers simply select their titles and types of use and set their own pricing and terms, then integrate RightsLink’s ecommerce features seamlessly into your website.

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Learn more about RightsCentral, the reporting and communications hub for rightsholders

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