RightFind Cite It

Simplified reference management software that easily formats citations with relevant styles

How it works


  • Streamline reference management for Microsoft Word (Windows and Mac) or Power Point (Windows)
  • Access over 10,000 citation styles or develop your own custom style to support unique authoring needs
  • Reduce the need for manually typing in references with a searchable database of 155+ million citations


  • Simplify reference management and manage citations easily with an intuitive user experience
  • Save time by automatically formatting bibliographies with preferred styles
  • Easily manage references and access content in the same place with a seamless integration with RightFind Enterprise
  • Provide a unified experience that’s simple to navigate with the RightFind Suite—a robust set of software solutions that fuel scientific research and simplify copyright, anytime, anywhere

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Customer success story

For colleagues who regularly publish scientific works, the Cite It tool comes in handy to automatically format bibliographies with a variety of different style and citation options. Different departments, Medical Information for example, have now created collaboration spaces called Shared Libraries, so everyone on the team can see highlights and annotations within documents.

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