Managed Knowledge Services

Providing and managing skilled in-house information professionals matched to your company’s unique needs and culture

Partner with CCC


  • Allow CCC to recruit, hire, train and manage highly skilled information professionals to be placed at your organization who specialize in resource administration and training, library portfolio services, competitive intelligence research strategies, end-user support, expert search, and more
  • Partner with CCC to provide payroll, benefits and professional development services, and establish a mutual approach to staff management that includes setting measurable goals and expectations
  • Work with CCC to define the specific job descriptions needed for your company, have final approval on candidate selection, and decide how these employees will work within your organization


  • Gain expertise matched to your organization’s unique information needs and culture with high-quality service that helps your organization get the most value from its content investments
  • Add key information services without the additional headcount, and save valuable time and resources by leaving the recruitment, hiring, and administrative management of information professionals to a trusted partner
  • Leverage CCC’s 20+ years of experience recruiting and managing information professionals to help you accomplish long-term business objectives and drive your business forward

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Sample areas of specialization

Information Specialist

Provides global information services to support a wide range of client’s departments using specialized industry and business databases. Works with internal customers to conduct research, identify and analyze information resources, builds and implements searches and alerts, and summarizes research results. Tracks and monitors products and industry trends to provide competitive and business intelligence.

Library Portfolio Support Manager

Supports all aspects of information services provided to the client’s Information Center, verifying Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and quality standards through proactive and reactive measures. Works effectively with internal customers to understand their needs, build relationships and promote awareness of library resources. Coordinate with the client Information Center’s external resource providers to facilitate access, training, and a high-quality end-user experience.

Resource Administrator

Supports a superior end-user experience by using problem-solving skills and technical knowledge of the Information Center’s licensed tools and services to quickly and accurately respond to a wide range of client requests and escalations.

Customer success story

Library Services and Library Management are not considered core capabilities within the organization, nor my personal expertise. So being able to identify what a good profile and candidate would look like was challenging. CCC had already proven to be a great strategic resource in providing insights, expertise, and suggestions for improvement. I felt confident they were able to understand my needs and provide strong recommendations on a workable and affordable solution”

Operations, Portfolio and Strategy Director