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Easily order copyright-cleared article Reprints and ePrints and get copyright permissions from thousands of STM publishers and societies

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Visit CCC Marketplace for self-service copyright permissions. You can also contact the Reprints and Permissions Services team directly for assistance on your permissions projects.

How it works


  • Get high-quality, copyright-cleared commercial reprints of journal articles in bulk quantities from thousands of leading publishers and societies
  • Distribute reprints worldwide
  • Customize reprints orders (e.g., color, shrink-wrapping, repackaging options, expedited delivery)
  • Receive links to secured journal articles for bulk ePrint orders
  • Clear copyright permissions for figures, charts, images, and graphs for external display and republication purposes


  • Work with one point-of-contact to streamline the reprints and ePrints fulfillment process
  • Take advantage of group purchasing to consolidate orders across your business for even greater savings
  • Receive same-day quotes including pricing, turnaround, document customization charges such as color, shrink wrapping, and expedited services.
  • Simplify copyright permissions clearance

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