Annual Copyright License for Higher Education

A campus-wide, text licensing solution enabling reuse and sharing of copyrighted content across your institution.

How it works


  • Provides the broad coverage needed to share excerpts of books, journals, newspapers and more from a repertory of more than 1,500 publishers
  • Covers E-reserves, learning management system postings, coursepacks, classroom handouts, campus-wide email, administrative photocopying, research, scholarly collaboration, and more
  • Verifies coverage in seconds with “check & go” copyright permissions


  • Enables faculty, researchers, staff, and students to reuse and share copyrighted content while respecting intellectual property rights
  • Helps minimize copyright infringement risk to your institution
  • Saves time and money with fewer individual permissions requests and fewer invoices to manage

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Customer success story

Faculty are very happy that we got the Annual Copyright License for Higher Education from CCC because it opens up the ability for them to use far more content than they had previously been able to use. There were times in the past when I had to tell an instructor that they couldn’t use an article because the copyright permission was expensive. Getting the license has enabled us to improve the quality of the materials that we offer to students because there’s no longer a barrier.

Lori Christianson Director of the Electronic Campus, CGI

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