CCC Scholarly Communications Suite

Innovative, metadata-driven OA solutions to help publishers scale and optimize their transforming business

What the Suite offers

Designed with feedback from the scholarly communications community, the CCC Scholarly Communications Suite provides industry-tested, data-driven technology that leverages persistent identifiers and supporting metadata to accelerate deal modeling and reliably manage APCs and OA agreements.

OA Workflow Management

  • Interoperable, agreement-aware infrastructure
  • APC processing – billing, collections, and customer service
  • Touch-free options that remove authors from OA administration

AI-enabled Affiliation Disambiguation

  • AI-enabled, institutional affiliation and funder relationship matching technology
  • AI/ML enhanced data engineering pipelines

Organizational Persistent Identifiers

  • 600,000+ Ringgold PIDs
  • Structured, granular hierarchies to support OA funding models
  • Robust geographic and demographic metadata

Standardized Reporting and Collaboration Tools

  • Transactional OA reporting available to publishers, consortia, funders, and individual institutions
  • Portal providing institutions and funders a common, shared location to review and approve funding requests

Modeling and Analytics

  • Automated agreement modeling and data visualization tools for OA and subscription publication data
  • Filters/parameters to experiment with new deal types
  • Data visualizations that provide insights into historical data and projected future years

Solutions in the Scholarly Communications Suite

  • RightsLink for Scientific Communications

    Simplify OA management with flexible workflows to accommodate both single payments and consolidated funding through OA agreements

  • Ringgold Solutions

    Improve the quality of organization data with the leading PID solution trusted by 80 publishers, intermediaries, and funders for 20 years

  • OA Intelligence

    Disambiguate, model, and analyze publication data with sophisticated, AI-enabled affiliation matching technology

  • Professional Services for Publishers

    Leverage expertise in OA, content workflow and data strategy to boost digital transformation

How CCC Supports the Scholarly Publishing Community

CCC takes a consultative approach with a mission to create solutions together. Learn more about the
CCC Scholarly Communications Suite