Over the past several years, CCC has worked closely with its corporate customers and rightsholders to create innovative solutions that advance copyright, accelerate knowledge and power innovation. Examples include offering a semantic search and reading experience for RightFind Enterprise users, integrating disparate data sources through RightFind Navigate and supporting machine learning, AI, and text mining workflows through RightFind XML for Mining. Our new CCC Expert View knowledge graph helps customers identify key opinion leaders and rising stars, and the acquisition of Ringgold brings new opportunities to improve data quality across the scholarly communications ecosystem.

Most recently, CCC acquired the assets and technology of Deep SEARCH 9 (DS9). DS9 has employees and customers based in Europe. The DS9 team, including founder and CEO Klaus Kater and Director of Operations Dr. Sonja Müller, are now CCC employees.

DS9 is a knowledge management platform that leverages machine learning to help customers perform semantic search, tag content, and discover new insights. This powerful software makes it easy to collect and analyze information from a variety of internal and external sources. Several multinational life science and crop science companies use DS9 technology to provide semantic search solutions to support a wide range of use cases including: 

  • Monitoring conferences to understand the latest research before it’s published 
  • Tracking competitor news and trends to stay current in a rapidly changing market 
  • Evaluating emerging biotechnology start-ups for potential investments and acquisitions
  • Discovering licensing opportunities, grants, and clinical trials 

CCC will continue to support current customers and offer DS9 solutions, and over time will incorporate DS9 capabilities within CCC’s RightFind Suite. As we look ahead, we will engage DS9 and CCC RightFind customers in discussions about our product roadmap.To learn more about the RightFind Suite and CCC’s deep search capabilities contact us and visit our Deep Search Solutions page


Author: Lauren Tulloch

Lauren Tulloch is Vice President & Managing Director for CCC. In that role, she is responsible for the Corporate Business Unit which includes copyright licenses, the RightFind product suite, and managed knowledge services. Prior, Lauren held several product management leadership roles in the organization. Before joining CCC, she served as a group publisher at a healthcare education & training company. Lauren began her career as a newspaper reporter and editor. She holds Bachelor’s degrees in journalism and political science from Boston University.
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