Diving Deeper into Artificial Intelligence: Understanding the Risks in Incorporating AI Technology into the Workplace

Article by CDAS
LLP Partner, Nancy E. Wolff, and Staff Attorney, Elizabeth Safran

“Based on the number of pending lawsuits in the U.S, and abroad, there is uncertainty over the legality of these platforms and inherent risk in using these models. The systems’ developers, rather than their users, have thus far been the targets of these legal actions, but it is important for users, and particularly companies looking to implement AI technology as a basis for their businesses, to be aware of the current disputes over infringement liability  due to use of unlicensed data underlying their AI systems.  At a minimum, if users invest in AI systems that are subsequently held to be unlawful, they risk losing the investment.  More critically, users may be found to be infringing in their own right based on their use of infringing systems, regardless of whether they “knew” the system infringed…


Lessons to Inform the Future of Collective Licensing

The three essays in this ebook look at the development of licensing and collective licensing in text publishing.

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