While your library’s content and database subscriptions provide immediate access for patrons, what about content from those publications you don’t subscribe to? 

The Get It Now article delivery service from CCC can help you meet your patrons’ needs for unsubscribed journal articles in a way that is cost-effective for your institution. Developed in partnership with academic institutions, Get It Now complements your resource sharing services by providing library patrons with the immediate fulfillment of full-text articles from unsubscribed journals—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

To best meet the content needs of your institution, Get It Now is available in two versions: mediated and unmediated. 

The unmediated version of Get It Now uses your existing OpenURL link resolver to integrate the service within your library’s discovery service. Patrons can then search, find, and receive full-text articles in minutes. The service includes safeguards to ensure orders adhere to your budget and library policies. 

The ILL platform-based, librarian-mediated version of Get It Now allows library staff to place article orders on behalf of patrons. Mediated orders are delivered directly to patrons through email, OCLC Article Exchange, or Atlas Systems’ Odyssey delivery service. You can pay for article purchases via monthly invoice or use your OCLC IFM account. The table below provides a comparison of the unmediated and mediated features in Get It Now: 

 Unmediated Workflow Mediated Workflow 
Integration  Within Most Link Resolvers  Within Leading Resource Sharing Platforms 
Get It Now Access In Discovery System Search Results  In ILL Requests List  
User(s) Library Patrons Library Staff 
Article delivery Email Email, Odyssey, or Article Exchange  
Invoicing  Monthly or Bi-Monthly Monthly or Bi-Monthly 
Payment  Check, Credit Card, or CCC Debit Account Check, Credit Card, CCC Debit Account, or IFM     
Mediation  Automatically via Get It Now Dashboard  Manually by Library Staff 
Availability  Worldwide North America 

Many institutions choose to implement both versions of Get It Now—the mediated version when the ILL office is operating and staffed, and the unmediated version on weekends, nights or holidays, when the ILL office may be closed. This hybrid workflow provides patrons with the highest level of service. 

You can learn more about Get It Now and how the service works at: https://www.copyright.com/solutions-get-it-now/

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