To make the most of their budgets and increase patron satisfaction, librarians must focus on subscriptions to high-use, high-value content augmented by virtual collections—digital assets not currently part of the library’s collections but immediately available upon request from within the patrons’ discovery workflow. 

The Get It Now article delivery service from CCC can help expand a library’s virtual collection. Developed with academic institutions for academic institutions, Get It Now complements resource-sharing services by providing library patrons with the immediate fulfillment of full-text articles from unsubscribed journals—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—through a cost-effective and easy-to-use service integrated into a library’s resource sharing platform or OpenURL link resolver. This tight integration of Get It Now within the patron discovery workflow makes it look and feel like the library subscribes to the content.  

One Customer’s Approach to Usage Data 

One long-time Get It Now customer established an ongoing process whereby they gather usage data from their various journal packages and conduct an annual analysis of titles that see heavy use versus those with little to no use. They also assess usage information provided through the Get It Now Dashboard to identify journals with a higher volume of article purchases. 

Based on this data, the Get It Now users can make informed decisions around collection development, sourcing low-use journals through Get It Now and adding publications with a high volume of Get It Now purchases to their regular subscriptions. By utilizing this approach, the institution makes the most of their library budget while increasing patron satisfaction by enabling patrons to get the content they need when they need it through their subscriptions and virtual collection.  

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